Leads: How Local Businesses Use Digital to Get More

Why leads are important to service businesses in Delaware, Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania For owners and managers of service businesses, finding new customers is always job No. 1. After all, if you don’t have customers, you don’t make money. It’s not hard for business owners like you to see that new leads (and customers) are…Continue Reading

How to Reach Millennials Online

As a business owner or marketing person, you are always looking to attract customers to your door, whether that’s a ‘real’ door or ‘virtual’ one. Digital marketing has given you myriad new ways to reach those prospects. But are you only concentrating on your current prospects? What about the future? What about the next generation…Continue Reading

 Geo-Fencing: Fishing Where the Fish Are

Everyone knows that when it comes to marketing, it all about location and getting your message into the hands of your potential clients. With the influx of mobile usage, marketers have become more effective at targeting your clients exactly when and where you want to through location based advertising. Location based advertising has come a long…Continue Reading

Free Online Tools for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners are constantly hearing about the importance of using professionals when it comes to their Marketing Plan. However, for most owners it is key to find ways to cut cost in the beginning by doing things themselves, or at least finding ways for the employees to do things for them. The internet offers…Continue Reading

Five Things to Know About Pandora

Over the last two years, few media outlets have grown faster than, or gotten more media coverage, than Pandora.  Many businesses, national and local, have started advertising on the streaming media service.  But is it the right venue for your message?  Maybe, maybe not. Here are five points for you to consider. 1)      Pandora’s ‘ratings’ vs.…Continue Reading

Turbo Targeting for Delaware Retailers

Today’s retail marketers have become pretty sophisticated about knowing who their customers are, and where they come from. That’s why local advertising makes perfect sense for so many brick and mortar businesses throughout the Delaware Valley. Your customers are local and your ads should be local too. While retailers have more advertising choices than ever, many…Continue Reading

Capitalize On Your Data: Think Small

I’ve always been a fan of Lego. By far one of my favorite toys throughout most of my adolescence. As an adult I’ve applauded the way they react to the shift in major trends and technology; but they’ve always stayed true to who they are, brick makers. After watching the documentary, INSIDE: Lego, on Netflix recently, I…Continue Reading

Balancing Truths: 3 Myths about the Digital Baby Boomer

Recently while in a client meeting, it dawned on me that companies are often too focused on utilizing their digital strategies to only target Millennials and thus are often missing out on a key target opportunity… Baby Boomers! There are many common misconceptions about Marketing to our Baby Boomers, which are classified as those born…Continue Reading

Analytics + Story Telling = Marketing Success

Digital marketing is all about analytics. But aside from the data you need the creative aspect of advertising to make your marketing a TRUE success. You need the magic of storytelling. Sure, we live in a fact driven world, and we want what we want, when we want it. But, storytelling in marketing, is the…Continue Reading

Why Should You Work With A Digital Marketing Partner?

The biggest difference I notice in selling digital versus traditional advertising is the client’s attitude towards accessibility. Nobody ever says they have their own radio station that they create advertisements for, or their own print publication – but business owners create and execute their own digital advertising campaigns all of the time. New outlets, especially…Continue Reading