What Should Your Small Business Spend on Marketing?

What Should Your Small Business Spend on Marketing?

What’s Your Marketing Style? By the time you start or acquire a new business in Delaware or Maryland, you’ve probably made a long list of financial decisions. You’ve already spent a fair amount of time thinking through how you’ll operate, you’ve invested in a location and office equipment, you know how many people you need…Continue Reading

Streaming Commercials Increase Ad Recall and Response

When used together with broadcast radio, streaming audio can improve the response rate and recall of advertising. That’s one of the key findings behind TargetSpot’s Ad Impact Study. The study shows that when an advertiser uses broadcast radio and internet radio together, the campaign achieved a 3.5x higher ad response than broadcast alone.   The study reports that…Continue Reading

Social Media Update: SnapChat and Instagram Make Moves

Two of the most popular mobile social media platforms, SnapChat and Instagram, have announced drastic changes to their applications in the past month. The announcements have users in an uproar, but is it necessary? I’ll fill you in on the changes and let you decide. SnapChat According to Snap Chat’s blog, they want to make…Continue Reading

Snapchat: Creative Content and Advertising?

Snapchat has been a rising star in the social space since its launch in 2011 but it has come a long way from its original form. When Snapchat first launched, it was adored for its ability to allow users to share temporary pictures via private messages or “snaps” that could only be viewed by the recipient for a…Continue Reading

4 Tips to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Delaware Valley Restaurant

Good Food Starts with Good Marketing    You have great food. Your restaurant looks good. And you finally got the back of the house into working order. All you’re missing are the crowds of hungry patrons. While the Delaware Valley has more than its fair share of outstanding eating options, not all restaurants are experiencing the…Continue Reading

Review Response – The Complete List of Do’s and Don’ts

In past years, so many businesses would use “look books” or written letters of praise from their customers. A very useful tool for businesses to show trust and loyalty for their brands. Today the look books of the past have morphed into online reviews. There are many third party websites online that showcase these reviews. In many cases…Continue Reading

Pandora Fatigue and Radio Rising

PANDORA AND TRADITIONAL RADIO REVISITED It seems like the more someone uses the top audio streaming service Pandora, the less they are satisfied with it.  That’s the conclusion of a new study of more than 4,000 Pandora users by Bridge Ratings. Over time, Pandora user satisfaction deteriorates. As you might guess, new users of the service have…Continue Reading

Maximizing Your Recruitment Efforts Online

For the recruitment market, the National Online Recruitment Audience Survey (NORAS) recently showed that 72% of online job seekers applied for jobs they found online, of these 65% gained interviews for these jobs and 56% of those that had interviews got the jobs. If you aren’t working to gain targeted prospects online you are missing out on…Continue Reading

Inbound Marketing to Replace the Cold Call

Inbound marketing is the effort of creating quality content meant to attract, inform and delight your audience and potential sales prospects. With the rise & noted success of inbound marketing, many businesses and industries alike are questioning their traditional sales approaches. “The cold call is flawed in the assumption it carries that everyone is an active…Continue Reading