Streaming Commercials Increase Ad Recall and Response

When used together with broadcast radio, streaming audio can improve the response rate and recall of advertising.

That’s one of the key findings behind TargetSpot’s Ad Impact Study.

The study shows that when an advertiser uses broadcast radio and internet radio together, the campaign achieved a 3.5x higher ad response than broadcast alone.


The study reports that 96% of listeners access internet radio on a desktop/laptop computer. Approximately half (45%) listen on a mobile/smartphone and 15% listen on tablet devices.
Streaming commercials increased ad responses for broadcast campaigns and online ads alike.

Four out of ten listeners to internet radio advertising have responded to an ad:

  • 17% visited the company website
  • 15% searched online for product information
  • 13% clicked on an ad
  • 10% became a fan / clicked “like” on a social network
  • 10% became a fan / clicked “like” on a social network
  • 7% sent e-mail or text to the company
  • 5% called the company

The most likely action for a listener to take after hearing an internet radio ad is to visit the client’s website.

Internet-radio listeners are also influential, with over half saying that they tell friends, family, or co-workers about new products or services they like.

This study sheds light on internet radio’s growth and viability as an ad delivery venue. Streaming radio delivers engaged, heavy internet users.

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