Why Should You Work With A Digital Marketing Partner?

The biggest difference I notice in selling digital versus traditional advertising is the client’s attitude towards accessibility. Nobody ever says they have their own radio station that they create advertisements for, or their own print publication – but business owners create and execute their own digital advertising campaigns all of the time.

New outlets, especially social media, make advertising available directly to the business. Without needing a third party for access, there isn’t an obvious need to hire a vendor or a digital expert to handle digital marketing, because you can do it yourself! Right? Not necessarily. Even though you can access these digital advertising platforms there are several reasons to have a digital media partner handle your digital advertising.

Save Time: As a business owner you already have your plate full with issues like employees, operations, inventory and clients. These are going to take up the majority of your time. Adding marketing responsibilities into that mix is going to take time away from your other responsibilities. Experts in digital advertising are able to take these projects off of your hands and free up your valuable time.

Save Money: How does paying someone to do your advertising save you money? The easy answer is efficiency. Not only are Digital Partners able to execute the same campaigns in less time, but because of our knowledge and expertise, we’re often able to use your budget in a more efficient way. This could be done by selecting a more focused target audience, improving ad performance or even by choosing the most effective advertising outlets. Maybe you’re spending all of your budget on Facebook but your business could really benefit more from a targeted email campaign.

Accountability: If you assign these responsibilities to yourself or an internal employee who does not have marketing as their primary job function, it may get de-prioritized or forgotten when other aspects of the job take priority. You’re paying your digital partner to execute these campaigns for you. They are contractually obligated to fulfill your campaign.  If you’ve chosen a good digital partner, they will keep you in the loop throughout the campaign and bring results to review with you as proof of performance.

Strategy: A Digital Partner has the time, knowledge and ability to properly plan your digital campaigns. If you have a big sale or a grand opening coming up, a digital partner can look ahead and strategize with you to create an all-inclusive digital plan that reaches your target audience at the appropriate time. This is much more effective than trying to get something together last minute at the same time you are trying to pull this big event together.

Leaving it to the experts will save you time, money and improve the overall quality of your digital marketing. At FMDi, we work closely with our business partners to develop a working relationship that fits each business’ unique needs. We’d love to discuss how we can help you make your digital marketing strategy more effective.