5 Ways to Use Geofencing to Increase Your Marketing ROI

Geofencing is one of the most exciting new technologies available to digital marketers: it’s a location-based service that sends content, messaging and promotions to smartphone or mobile device users who enter a certain geographic area. When smartphone users enters a geofence, they can potentially receive targeted ads on websites or apps they visit on their mobile…Continue Reading

5 Reasons NOT To Use Facebook As Your Company Website

International Companies. Regional Musicians. Your local bakery. They all have a presence on the social media giant that is Facebook – and rightly so. Facebook is an essential part of any business’ online marketing toolkit. But it’s NOT a website! Or, more precisely: it’s not YOUR website. Businesses have and will continue to lean on social media…Continue Reading

3 Important Steps in Developing Your Social Media Strategy

It seems that in the world of business these days that social media has become the go to buzz word when discussing marketing & brand awareness. However, while everyone talks about it very few know how to do it properly. Social media is a great “free” tool that can give your business access to millions…Continue Reading

Digital Tools Drive Leads for Auto Dealerships

The automotive retail world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Potential auto purchasers have more information and options than ever. They can research new or used, truck or cross over, sales and rebates and more. No wonder auto purchasing seems so complicated to both dealerships and buyers. The good news is that auto dealerships…Continue Reading

Benefits of Display Advertising

Display advertising is a powerful piece to any marketing plan. Most of us have experienced display advertising in some capacity while we work and shop online. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and in that instance how did you come across this blog? Display ads are often referred to as banner ads, but they…Continue Reading

3 “Mistakes” Made With Do-It-Yourself PPC

Google has a great reputation of making its products user friendly and easy enough so that even the most non tech savvy users can navigate. Just think…Gmail seems to have taken control of the email market, Google Business is a go-to for hours and directions, and google+ for business reviews. But there are also many…Continue Reading

Facebook: Advertising vs. Posting

If you are like the vast majority of business people, you are quite aware of Facebook as a customer engagement platform.  However, if you are spending time managing a Facebook page as you would a personal page; posting updates and trolling for business, you are truly wasting your time. It’s increasingly a pay-to-play platform and you need to…Continue Reading