We believe that our first responsibility is to the advertisers who invest in our stations.  Our product and service must always meet the highest standard of excellence and professionalism.  We must deliver added value at a fair price.  We must remember that the customer expects and deserves the results and increased profits.  We must train our customers to expect more from us than our competitors and thank them for placing their faith in us.

Our second responsibility is to those who work with us – in sales, programming, engineering, traffic, and the office.  They must have a sense of security in their jobs.  Compensation must be fair and adequate, management just, hours reasonable, and a working environment that is clean and orderly in which all can take pride.  Employees must have an organized system for suggestions and complaints.  Supervisors and Department Heads must be qualified, fair minded, and understand that no sexual harassment by either sex will be tolerated.  There must be opportunity for advancement for those qualified and each person must be considered an individual standing on his or her own dignity and merit.  We must be equal opportunity employers in every sense of the word.  We will grow and advance from within whenever and wherever possible, giving current employees fair consideration at advancement opportunities because we believe that company loyalty works both ways and that this is what makes our company/family uniquely strong.

Our third responsibility is to our management.  Our executives must be people of talent, education, experience, and ability.  They must be persons of common sense, humility, patience, tenacity, honesty, integrity, and possess the maturity of full understanding.

Our fourth responsibility is to the communities we serve.  We must be good broadcasting citizens, understanding that we are guests in peoples’ homes and cars, that our audiences are families like our own.  We must participate in civic activities in our private as well as our public lives.  We must promote better health, education, and government and make the community aware of our high standards and desire to be of service.

Our fifth and last responsibility is to our stockholders and banker.  Business must make a sound profit.  We must create reserves to cover unforeseen problems, conduct research, develop new ideas, pay our taxes, buy new equipment, provide the latest sales training, build new facilities, advertise ourselves in other media, and keep ourselves on the leading edge of our industry.  We must experiment with new ideas and yes, pay for mistakes made.    After all these things are done, the stockholder must see a fair return.

We are determined with our faith in God and each other to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.