Unlike other discount-offer websites that depend upon viewers finding them, getithalfoff.com drives customers to your offer with the combined power of nine regionally dominant radio stations and their websites, email and digital marketing and loyalty programs.

With ‘daily deals’ you are here and gone in a day. Get It Half Off gives you two weeks or more of promotion on radio, online, and on social media and mobile websites.

Forever Media, Inc.  radio websites gained over 9.4 MILLION site visits during 2017. Those visits generated over 19.5 million page views, and nearly 2 million individual streaming sessions. All of these visits, page views and online listening occasions are opportunities for eyes and ears to receive your message.

Now, get more with the new getithalfoff.com!

In return for the gift certificates, you receive:

  • BONUS! The value of your offer in on-air commercials on the station of your choice for the 2-week period in which your offer is featured.
  • Your logo, company description, offer description, map link and link to your website will be featured for at least two weeks on the current offers area of getithalfoff.com (less if sold out). After your offer sells, the listing moves to a past deals section where users can still learn about your company.
  • You will receive two weeks of name and location promos in a minimum of 25 Get It Half Off radio commercials per week on all Forever Media, Inc. radio stations relevant to your offer location.
  • You will receive a minimum twenty-five :30 or :60-second commercials per offer week on all applicable Forever Media, Inc. radio station online audio streams. Commercials rotate throughout each day part, every day.

Note, getithalfoff.com is only available in the Delmarva and Wilmington markets.